Thursday, July 13, 2006

I fell in love this morning

I fell in love this morning with a little pup - I wish I had a big home and yard to welcome this dog into our home - but with our little home that we already have two dogs in I just can't :-(

Here are some pictures of her - her name is MeMe - she is a heeler mix and is deaf... she is already learning some signs and I wish I could work with her and teach her more sign language... I pray that she finds a good and loving home... She is just precious! I think she is really beautiful! Heelers have GREAT tempermants and are good with other dogs and with children too... they are such faithful breeds...

For more information on MeMe got to

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Angoraknitter said...

Could she be dalmation too? That could be why she's deaf? What a sweet girl, hope someone can take her.